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At Triad Laser Craft, we choose and create  designs to build quality products and gifts for any type of home or special occasion. We are always expanding our range, so sign up to our newsletter to get information about new products sent right to your inbox.


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About Our Leather


We choose products to create that are different than what you will find in large retail stores. We believe that having the freedom to create what we want, or what our customers want means you get a more personalised choice to match your style and personality when choosing items for your home, baby, wedding or special occasion.


At TLC, we take pride and care in everything we do and hope we demonstrate that pride and care in all of our products. Once a design is selected, we use high grade laser cutting equipment to ensure a smooth, superior quality finish. We then add hand made enhancements, finishes or other additions. Each item is carefully wrapped for safe and secure shipping to you. 

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