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The perfect card box for the perfect day! This beautiful personalized card box in vivid white melamine, will certainly make a statement, and make it easy for guests to drop their cards in. This beautiful box is a great way to collect your greetings cards, wishes, and cash gifts from family and friends! This wedding (or any special occasion) card box is more than just a place for guests to place their cards, wishes and cash gifts, it makes for a beautiful personalised decoration that can tie in with whatever theme you have chosens. After the wedding,  itn become a beautiful decorative memory box for an unforgettable special occasion. This unique box is not only for weddings, but can be a great addition to any birthday party, anniversary, baby shower or any other worthy occasions, where guests can leave greeting cards. This item could also be paired with our beautiful guest attendance drop box. Please note, the box will come with the inscription "Cards & Wishes", your names and date will be below that inscription. This box can hold up to 150 cards (depending on the size of the envelopes)

Cards & Wishes Box

  • 3mm White MDF

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