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A Mother’s Day gift that makes a beautiful peice of wall art, and serves to remind her how important she is. "Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother".  Such beautiful and true words in this stylish wood stained piece.This is a keepsake that Mum will adore for years to come, and serve as a reminder that she is appreciated.
This timeless, elegant Mother’s Day gift features two layers, an engraved white melamine layer over a stained 6mm MDF backing that creates a beautiful contrast.This piece will look amazing in any room of the home.
A beautiful gift for mums who appreciate timeless, elegant design.

Mother - Life doesn't come with a manual wall art

SKU: Y1-1
  • W= 460mm x H= 145mm

  • Stained MDF wood grain with white melamine backing

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