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Create the memory of a lifetime with our personalised wedding  (or any special occasion)  attendance frame, so that you can treasure the memory of your special day forever. This is a unique alternative to the traditional guest book.The frame is in white melamine, and has a slot in the top where guests can drop a signed heart into the frame. Once your event is over, it will make a beautiful display piece in your home . It is available in three sizes (Small Medium & Large) It comes complete with a sturdy stand, 120 hearts, and a small guest instruction sign.

We recommend a Sharpie fine tip permanent marker for writing on your hearts.As a separate purchase, we have a classy alternative to the guest instruction sign, it is a beautiful engraved box to house the hearts at your event, with a personalised lid and instructions on the underside of the lid when it is open. 

Special occasion guest attendance drop box -Large

  • W= 480mm x H= 594mm

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